Affordable Mini DJI Spark Drone

The growing miniaturization of electronic devices could not leave out the production of unmanned aerial vehicles. The DJI company (China), a leader in the field, continues to produce drones. It has presented its new, smallest quadcopter, Spark, with simple operation and low cost.

This model is a logical continuation of the series of aircraft from DJI launched in September 2016, starting with a small drone, Mavic Pro. The dimensions of the Spark are smaller than those of the previous model – only 143×143×55 mm (folded). The weight of the drone is about 300 grams. The airspeed of Spark can reach up to 50 km/h, and an autonomous flight will last approximately 16 minutes. Embedded sensors will not allow the drone to collide with other objects. Upon the loss of signal, the UAV will return to the starting point. It is charged via micro-USB.

By analogy with Mavic, it has smart modes that allow you to monitor a specific object or flight in a given direction from your smartphone. A new control mode, Palm Control, will allow the user to control the drone using gestures. The product has a Quick Shot feature that allows you to shoot videos at original cinematic angles (a flight around the object, etc.). You can edit this one-minute video at once from your smartphone and the DJI Go program, allowing you to unite the selected 10-second fragments into a single video. The video is shot in Full HD format at 30 fps. The camera also produces 12-MP JPEG images.

DJI Spark will come in 5 colors. From June 15, consumers will be able to buy the drone with minimal equipment (no remote control or propeller protection) for $499. The complete version with a remote control, a spare battery, a second set of screws and the protection of propellers will cost $700.