$99 Worth Pseudo-Laptop Superbook Works from Your Smartphone

The idea of ​​using the production power of smartphones as a computing element for the personal computer is not new. The participants of the Superbook project decided not to miss the opportunity, and as far as the market is not full of such devices yet, they announced the eponymous dock station that resembles a laptop.


The device has an 11.6-inch display with the resolution of 1366×768 pixels, a keyboard, a touchpad, a battery charge that allows 8 hours of continuous operation, and a USB-interface, which can be used to connect your Android-based smartphone. However, not all mobile phones are suitable. You need a device with RAM of at least 1 GB, and Android 5.0 operating system or its higher version. The best performance will be achieved, if the smartphone has a 64-bit processor and as much RAM as possible. This will turn a Superbook into a good tool for working with documents and surfing the Internet. The cost of the new item is $99.