9 Gadgets Protecting Your Home from Burglary

Safety is a very important and interesting thing. We all pay taxes so that law enforcement officers could guarantee our safety. However, there is a saying “better safe than sorry”, which means security, including private security, is always crucial. In this matter, you can rely on various gadgets. The best ones will be discussed below.

1. Saxby Security Light


An outdoor lighting system. It can be used for various purposes. In addition to a set of super-power LED lamps, infrared sensors are also included. This system is perfectly combined with other security solutions in the house.

2. Burton Torino NMK / 4 Safe


Do not deceive yourself. Any safe, just as any lock in the world, can be cracked. The question is how quickly and how easily. After all, time is one of the worst enemies of most robbers. Today, you can find very reliable safes, Burton Torino NMK/4 Safe being among them. However, it is worth remembering that this market is constantly developing.

3. Dummy Camera


Installation of a CCTV system can be a very costly measure. Installing a dummy camera instead can prove to be much cheaper. Dummy Camera costs very little, but it really deters the bad guys.

4. Barking Dog Alarm


An interesting system, which imitates the barking of a big dog with terrifying accuracy and plausibility. It comes with a few 360-degree sensors. The Barking Dog Alarm system is good because it does not bite anyone, you should not walk with it and feed it! All you need is to simply connect it to the network.

5. Siren Padlock


Do not get fooled. Padlocks are broken down faster and easier than any other lock. Moreover, they do not require any “special” knowledge: thieves need some very plain tool and a minimal idea about padlocks to open them. It is a different story, however, if the lock is equipped with a built-in alarm. Such is the Siren Padlock.

6. Fake TV light


“Dad is asleep, please do not disturb.” Fake TV light works according to this principle, creating a false glow of a TV-set. It is absolutely reliable in terms of fire safety. With this gadget, you can create the illusion that someone is in the house and is watching TV all day and all night.

7. Heinz Camo Safe


Heinz Camo Safe sets will allow getting a few small safe containers, which look exactly like cans and packages of popular foods. It is needless to say that such cans should be kept in the kitchen.

8. Mat-On-Guard Pressure Door Mat


An unusual mat, which will send a signal to the user’s mobile device each time someone steps on it. It is convenient not only for the safety of the house┬ábut also for receiving guests, especially on holidays!

9. Pure DAB Radio Wi-Fi Camera with night vision


This video surveillance system is not the most expensive one, but still, it is rather good. It is good because it is based on Wi-Fi technology and can be synchronized with the user’s mobile device to transmit video in real time. It is able to identify a person in the frame and report about this. Besides, the system is equipped with night vision.