7 Cool Alarm Clocks

Everyone knows how difficult it is to get out of bed in the morning and go about some business or chores. Delays are an extremely negative thing, and no one likes people who do not appear at the appointed time. However, one should not worry since cool alarm clocks will help you forget about all the negative things.

1 Bariseur Alarm Clock


The creators of this unusual coffee maker alarm clock decided to break the association with the bothersome, annoying sound and make getting out of bed much nicer. Firstly, the alarm clock allows you to set different signals according to the days of the week. Secondly, it begins to cook coffee 5 minutes before the signal, so you will wake up to a pleasant aroma. Of course, the coffee maker alarm clock must be set up in the evening. Besides, it is better to open the eyes before drinking a cup of coffee not to make the awakening more extreme.

2. Wake-Up Vibe


One of the most unusual alarm clocks ever created. Wake-Up Vibe alarm clock is an intimate toy for women, as you might have already guessed. According to the manufacturer of this bold prototype, this alarm clock can help a woman start her day saying “Oh, yes!” instead of “Oh, no!” There are six modes of operation and a deep intuitive setup!

3. Money Shredding Alarm Clock


Time is money! The creators of a stunning alarm clock for a business person know this rule perfectly well. If you do not press the button canceling the signal in time, you will get increasingly irritated at the nasty sound of the alarm clock and will have to say goodbye to a couple of dollars! If the signal is not canceled after 60 seconds, the alarm clock will cut the paper bill, which must be inserted there in advance. It is an excellent motivation, especially if you risk losing a bigger bill.

4. Tyrant Alarm


This alarm joker is also a wonderful motivator to wake up. The joke is that the alarm clock is synchronized with the smartphone and the user’s contact list. If you do not stand up and turn off the alarm sound, the alarm clock will start using your smartphone a minute after the signal is given to call randomly selected contacts every 3 minutes. Your friends, colleagues and relatives will be happy to receive an early call!

5. Ticklish Alarm Clock


Nothing interferes with sleep as much as talks and laughter, especially children’s laughter. Ticklish Alarm Clock will be giggling more and more playfully and louder if you miss the main signal. To mute the alarm clock, you will have to tickle it for a long time.

6 Wake Up Work Out Alarm Clock


This alarm clock is a dumbbell. Its purpose is obvious. Once the alarm starts to beep, there will be just one affordable way to switch it off – to lift the dumbbell a few dozens of times. This alarm clock will not just help you wake up in time, but will also improve your figure and give more energy!

7 Pavlok Alarm Clock


This wonderful alarm clock bracelet is for those who like it “rough”. You could even say that Pavlok Alarm Clock is extreme. It has a very interesting principle and is programmed for several “wake-up” stages. The first one is the usual signal. The second signal is louder. Afterwards, the alarm clock shocks the user with electric current. At the last stage, Pavlok Alarm Clock must be immersed in water to switch it off. The alarm clock is very difficult to remove from your hand, unless you wake up properly.