6 Best Gadget Gift Ideas for Real Men

There are some devices that seem highly attractive to real men due to the peculiarities of their gender interests and occupation. These devices will be discussed in a new cycle of reviews. Ladies are also invited to familiarize themselves with the list and learn what gifts their beloved man can be presented with when holidays come. 

1. LightMate Emergency LED Flash Light


The long, beautiful and incomprehensible name conceals a flashlight, which is based on LED technology. The device is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. Firstly, the flashlight has several modes of operation. Secondly, the flashlight is incredibly durable and reliable, it is protected from any damage, cold, and water. Finally, it has an incredibly capacious battery, which allows you to charge other mobile devices.

2. Rif6 Cube


This accessory is simple to use. In fact, Rif6 Cube can be useful to everyone. As one can already guess, it is a mobile projector that can be connected to any device to broadcast images. Rif6 Cube can be applied in a variety of situations. The gadget will be useful at work and for entertainment.

3. AirDog Auto Follow Drone


It is good to have a faithful dog that is always with you! It is equally good to have a “faithful” and reliable multicopter that will follow you everywhere. AirDog Auto Follow Drone is exactly the thing we have just described. The device is primarily designed for the people who like to shoot videos. The main feature of the gadget is that it can follow the user independently and circle around him.

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4. Divoom Voombox


It is not difficult to understand what Voombox is. One glance is enough to say that it is a portable music speaker. Voombox is compatible with any mobile (and not just mobile) device. The gadget is reliable and not capricious. It is useful to the people who travel a lot or just have an active lifestyle.

5. Logitech Harmony Home Control


This is a real dream for every man – a universal remote control for all devices. This clever gadget can make life easier and more enjoyable, as well as accelerate the performance of many routine operations. The “smart” accessory is relatively cheap.

6. TrackR StickR


You cannot keep everything in your head. During a busy day, the risk of losing or forgetting something is increasing tenfold. If such a risk has become a real problem, think about purchasing the TrackR StickR “spy” kit of GPS sensors that will track the location of the most important and valuable things.