3RDi – Third Eye Camera

It is not always comfortable to shoot videos of what is happening around using your camera or smartphone. At times, both hands are required to perform the main action: for example, during cooking, fishing, or when communicating with your child. Yes, there might be no one to help you, and you will want to capture the moment. It is for these situations that the 3RDi camera is invented. The authors call the invention the “third eye”. Indeed, it is very reminiscent of it.


The product looks like a hair band with a camera in the center. 3RDi should be worn on the forehead as a diadem. The gadget is equipped with a LED flash, a microphone, a slot for microSD memory cards and touch controls located on the sides of the rim. To take a picture, the user must click once on the touch panel, whereas a swipe will record a video. The camera shoots in the HD format and has an autofocus. 3RDi camera on Indiegogo will cost over $194.