360 Camera Dolly by Double Robotics

Double Robotics Company has figured out how to make it easier to shoot 360-degree videos. The developers have created a robot called 360 Camera Dolly that is similar to a Segway or a telepresence robot, but instead of a person or a tablet, the device is transporting a camera. The undoubted advantage of the invention is that the operator, if desired, can avoid appearing in the video – Camera Dolly 360 is controlled by using a smartphone on iOS via Bluetooth, LTE/4G or Wi-Fi online.

Sending the captured material to a mobile device is performed in real time. 360 Camera Dolly has a universal mount from aircraft-grade aluminum, which supports any camera weighing up to 2.3 kg, and its own stabilization system, built in the two-wheel base.

The latter allows the unit to overcome obstacles up to 12.7 mm in height, but still it is better to use the gadget on a surface without flaws. Deliveries of the product to its first customers will begin on June 15. The price of the new item is $3,000.