20 Cool Gadgets You Did Not Know Existed

Imagination and creativity of some people sometimes simply amaze and confuse us. Many inventions are so serious and dramatic that they have changed the way mankind develops. Some of them simply make life easier and more enjoyable, but they do not become less significant because of that.


1. “No to a stiff arm!” mattress


The mattress consists of 10 cm wide blocks that are easily separated from each other, allowing the arm to slip between them. Now you can sleep peacefully, hugging your partner and not being afraid that the arm may get stiff.

2. Plug with a ring


This original plug is designed for those who always forget to switch off appliances. A flashing ring will remind you about it. In addition, it is much easier to unplug it from the wall outlet than the usual plug.

3. Portable keyboard for smartphones


You do not need to attach or connect anything to your smartphone or tablet to quickly type the message you want without making typos. You should simply put your phone on a portable one2TOUCH keyboard and get to work. Moreover, it takes just a little place in your bag.

4. Soap dish


There will be no more softened soap and slippery soap dishes. One just needs an original device which is attached to the wall.

5. Safe trampoline

6. Special knife for Nutella


Now you should not worry that there is a lot of tasty cream in the jars. Thanks to a special knife you can clean the jar and eat everything.

7. Bed legs with sockets


To charge the gadget, you do not need to wake up!

8. Cutting board with a scale


It is very convenient for dieting people.

9. Mesh bag for washing trainers


Did not you know that trainers can and should be washed?

10. A light bulb in the pocket


There is no need to have a flashlight now; the bulb can be worn directly in your purse or pocket. This is a panel with several LED lamps and a round battery, like the one for the watch. The bulbs light up automatically as soon as the panel is unfolded.

11. The tool for painting corners

The hardest part of any repair is the angles.

12. Pasta pans


The Italians will be among the people who appreciate this invention.

13. Toaster knife


Bread can be simultaneously cut and fried.

14. Pillow with speakers


This wonderful pillow will give an opportunity to fully relax and listen to music, watch TV, while lying with your head on the pillow.

15. Shower with water temperature indicator


Your personal rainbow.

16. Backpack for dogs (not recommended)


We love animals and therefore do not recommend this backpack for a dog, even though it looks funny.

17. Waterproof keyboard


Do you enjoy drinking coffee at the computer? You should not be afraid to spill it on the keyboard.

18. Slippers with a secret


This is where you can hide alcohol drinks.

19. Extension in the socket


This is a very handy extension cable, hidden right into a wall outlet.

20. Bedside table for all occasions


This bedside table can optionally turn into a table. How nice it is to have breakfast in bed!