10 Most Promising Gadgets of 2015

With the year 2014 slipping past us rapidly, it’s time to look back over the year’s gadget cropout for the most noteworthy of them. True, everyone is going to put forward their own list of what they regard as the most useful and ground-breaking devices, and this is just an arguable approach to what is sure to be one of a number of exciting reviews.

Remee Lucid Dreaming Mask


With those who are into dreaming and connecting to their inner selves, the Remee Lucid Dreaming Mask will certainly make it on the list. It’s not easy to describe in a few words what it does to your dreaming, and it takes some setting and accustoming, but it’s undoubtedly revolutionizing.

Garmin Vívofit Activity Tracker


For fitness fiends there’s Garmin Vívofit Activity Tracker which, besides being sophisticated, lasts for about a year without recharging which certainly allows it to stand out among gadgets which can let you down due to low battery.

Google Security Key


Google’s Security Key providing for a safer authorization has surely been – and will be yet –welcome by many who value their online security.

Lechal haptic shoes


This year it will also be shoes – Lechal haptic shoes to guide their sight-impaired wearer with high accuracy via smartphone and GPS, leaving both hands free. What’s more, they are quite affordable.

The Quitbit


The Quitbit smart lighter is the gadget for those trying to give up smoking. It keeps track of your smoking while trying to gradually ween the user off the unhealthy habit.



If you have left behind 3G for 4G LTE, the HiTE HYBRID is the antenna you need. It enhances the signal providing reliable solution for good traffic in places where you are not likely to get it as a rule.

OnePlus One


OnePlus One smartphone representing the Smash the Past campaign offers highly competitive specs for an affordable sum and can easily be the answer to prayers of many a user who won’t want to dish out much for their phone.

Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro


Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro can well be hailed as the year’s leading multimode laptop, very stable, equally fit to work on, enjoy your favorite entertainments with enviable smoothness in practically any position you may fancy.

Powerbeats2 Wireless


Powerbeats2 Wireless is good news for those who have to struggle with unruly headphones. Elegant, waterproof, excellent for working out to music, they are perfect for adding drive to your life.

Apple Watch


Looking out for the last word in watches? Apple Watch is smart as smart can be. Designed to combine timekeeping, health tracking, GPS, online socializing and other features under a touchscreen, they are well-primed to be your one needful gadget.

But maybe after all ten is too few a list to include all the technical wonders of the passing year?


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