10 Genius Gadgets You’ve Never Heard of

It is always interesting to get acquainted with the unusual and useful ideas presented by manufacturers. The emergence of new products is dictated by practicality and functionality of using them in daily life.

1. Cleaning and charging Phone Soap device


Few people realize how dirty their phone is. If you want to clean it, you will need the cleaning and charging Phone Soap device for $60. This small device can simultaneously neutralize germs and charge the phone.

2. A smart umbrella


Many people lose or forget their umbrellas in different places. But this will not happen, if you buy smart Oombrella for $59 (it will be available for sale in the spring of 2016). This smart umbrella is synchronized with the smartphone via software. For example, if you leave the umbrella in a cafe, the smartphone will immediately send you a signal. In addition, the smart umbrella will inform about the coming rain.

3. Bevy device for sharing photos


It is possible to share pictures with family members, even if they do not have a Wi-Fi connection with you. Bevy device for $299 will help you do it, and the number of uploaded photos can reach 400,000. Due to the fact that other people can be connected to it, you can share photos with them. Anyone can create an album with the help of this device and store photos on it, until the right person connects to download them.

4. The Sleep Phones headband


It’s nice to fall asleep to the music, but large headphones prevent you from lying comfortably on a pillow. It is worth buying Sleep Phones headband for $149 (it will be available in late 2016). It contains a device for playing and listening to music from your phone through a wireless connection. The device is designed for those who like to relax before going to bed and fall asleep to a pleasant melody. The headband is equipped with sensors, which help you adjust the volume.

5. Silver Mother monitor


Anxiety can be caused not only by the children left at home, but by the oldest family members as well.

You should get a Silver Mother device for $299, which will keep track of them. It is equipped with four movement sensors, which are able to monitor the situation and signal in case something happens. These sensors are glued, for example, to a medicine vial. If there is no contact with the device at a needed time, it sends a signal, and you can check if nothing has happened.

6. A thermometer


It is quick and easy to check how the body temperature changes throughout the day with the Withings Thermostat device for $100. The device includes 16 sensors. This unusual thermometer measures the temperature in two seconds and keeps the result in memory with the help of the software.

7. Washable Urbanears Headphones


If your old headphones look terrible, it is better to use washable Urbanears for 119 dollars. The inner lining and ear pads can be removed from the wireless headphones. This is very helpful because they always get terribly polluted. These components can be easily washed and dried. With these headphones, you can not only listen to music, adjust the volume, select tracks, but also answer your phone calls.

8. The goTenna device for transmitting messages


Who has the goTenna device for transmitting messages ($199) will never get lost, for example, in the woods. It is able to send a message for help without a Wi-Fi or cellular connection. In the woods, it enables you to talk to someone at a distance of 6 km, and in the city – up to 2 km.

9. The Wonder Cube smartphone accessory


The Wonder Cube device (55-85 dollars, available on request) is a small cube-shaped accessory for smartphones. It has 8 functions, including a battery charger, a flashlight, a built-in cable, and other functions that will help in difficult times.

10. Hudway Glass car accessories


If you have Hudway Glass device for 49 dollars, you will not have to hold the mobile phone in your hand while driving a car. This reflective glass screen, which is installed on the dashboard, displays important information that can help during the trip.