10 Gadgets Making Any Trip Comfortable

Trips bring not only entertainment, but also a certain stress. When traveling, people have to leave their usual comfort zone. However, a trip can be made as comfortable as possible, if you know exactly what kind of things you need to take with you. In this review, we are going to share brilliant tips for travelers that will help travel with comfort.

1. A collar travel pillow

Everyone, who has a traveling experience, knows how you sometimes want to take a nap and how uncomfortable it is to do this while you are sitting. Inflatable pillows are good, of course, but they have to be inflated. An ideal solution would be a collar pillow. It is organically combined with almost any clothing, and in cold weather it can be a great alternative to a scarf. This accessory allows you to conveniently lean your head and rest while traveling.

2. A pet carrier

Today, many people go on a journey with their favorite pets, but they face problems with transportation and carrying their dog or cat. You can find dozens of sample bags and backpacks with a built-in compartment for small animals, which are quite comfortable for them. You will not have to worry about the pet and the rest of the luggage. The section for the animal is ventilated and isolated. The set usually includes a washable pet pad.

3. 20100mAh Waterproof Power Bank backup battery

A backup battery for mobile devices is another useful thing for travelers. The variety of these gadgets is incredible, so it should be selected according to the specific needs and the type of a trip. More adventurous travelers can find powerful batteries (over 20,000mAh). An interesting model is 20100mAh Waterproof Power Bank with a super durable waterproof case and a flashlight.

4. eGeeTouch locks

Nobody wants to lose their belongings during a trip. Losing things is such an unpleasant experience. If the things are stolen, it is even more unpleasant. To protect yourself from this kind of problems, you should consider the eGeeTouch system, a smart electronic lock, which is synchronized with the user’s smartphone and unlocks only through a special application. The system also allows you to watch your luggage with the help of a GPS beacon.

5. Heated clothing

Nothing can be worse than falling ill on a trip. In 6 out of 10 cases, travelers suffer from trivial colds. Heated ultralight clothing helps avoid this unpleasantness. A thin sweatshirt can be an excellent solution for active tourism, and the batteries integrated into its texture can always be used to charge a mobile device. However, it will be very problematic to wash such clothing.

6. MiniPresso mobile coffee machine

It sounds absolutely crazy, but you can take an espresso machine with you when traveling. MiniPresso devices will help you cook quite good coffee during the trip. This particular model not only brews the drink, but also keeps it warm as a good thermos.

7. Mokasi Multi-Purpose flashlight

Going on a trip to the country, you should think about light. This stylish “suitcase” is actually a versatile multi-purpose Mokasi flashlight, powered by a lithium-ion battery and capable of operating for 28 hours. It has many functional modes and is characterized by the capacity of 8,800 mAh. The flashlight can also be used as a backup battery.

8. Rastar Kids suitcase

Children are the best what life gives us, but sometimes they cause too much trouble. This trouble can happen while you are traveling, particularly when the child gets bored during the tedious airport procedures. The problem can be solved by means of a unique Rastar Kids children’s suitcase. This suitcase has a motor and a control panel. If your child is bored, he can play with the suitcase as if it were a radio-controlled car.

9. A smartphone lighter case

While on a trip, smokers often want to light a cigarette and have no way to do it. In this case, they can use an innovative smartphone case as a lighter. It combines a cigarette lighter, a small flashlight, and a lithium-ion battery. It can be used to ignite 540 cigarettes or can provide additional 1-1.5 hours of battery life for the smartphone. However, the case has a drawback – it is compatible only with Apple products.

10. APUS Relax travel pillow for long flights

Returning to the theme of pillows and sleep in transportation, we would like to present another interesting representative of this product category – APUS Relax travel pillow. APUS Relax is made of ultra-light and ultra-strong materials and can be compressed a few times. It is waterproof and can be used not only in the airplane.